I was a Screen Art/Film Production student at Pepperdine University, driven by my passion for film and media production. My personal goal within the realm of cinema is to showcase the beauty and positivity that exists in the world and inspire meaningful change. 
Collaboration is where I truly thrive; being part of a team brings out the best in me. I have often taken on the role of a producer in various projects, which has instilled in me a strong sense of responsibility for both my teammates and the overall success of the endeavor. Utilizing my exceptional communication skills, I ensure everyone is well-informed and that the project remains on track. 
Additionally, problem-solving is one of my greatest strengths. I understand that not everything always goes according to plan, and I have the adaptability to quickly react and find innovative solutions. I am devoted to continuously learning and enhancing my skills in this industry, dedicating my full strength and creativity to the work field.
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